Work on Northshore Parkway

Tacoma Public Works has patched the pavement and implemented improved ramps at Fairwood Blvd./42nd Ave. NE on Northshore Parkway between Nassau Ave. NE and the city line at Federal Way. The curb on the north side was extended further out to shorten the distance for a pedestrian to walk across the street.

Still to come is a pedestrian-actuated crosswalk flashing beacon. Because of the limited sight lines, there will also be warning signs on each side of the crosswalk, alerting drivers that there is a crosswalk coming up. The delay in installing the beacon comes as the city finds a better pole mounting for the beacon to thwart theft that has occurred in other parts of town.

Longer-term, the City is applying for a grant to repave the street (grind and overlay) – this proper patching will keep the road’s base sound while the grant is being obtained.

This news came from Public Works.

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