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TV Tacoma recently featured Northeast Tacoma in their Neighborhood Moment segment. Tune in to hear the history of Julia’s Gulch at Viewpoint Park. Our own Carolyn Edmonds interviews Don and Heather Halabisky, the stewards who lead the volunteer effort to restore and maintain Julia’s Gulch.

Click here to watch!

Looking to get involved? Volunteers are welcome at the monthly work parties at Julia’s Gulch. Learn more by visiting the website

2017 Community Clean-Up Day!

What: 6th Annual Community Clean-Up Day
When: Saturday June 17, 2017 – 10:00 AM to 1:45 PM (volunteers should plan to arrive by 9:30 to support set-up, etc., and should be done by 2:00 PM – volunteer information below)
Where: Meeker Middle School, 4402 Nassau Ave. NE

It is important to the City of Tacoma that we have clean and safe neighborhoods where people live, work and play. The City offers several options for keeping your neighborhood clean and free of unwanted debris, one of which is our Community Cleanup Program. If you see that several properties in your neighborhood might be in need of a little sprucing up or if you or your neighbors have some stuff you keep meaning to take to the dump, here’s your chance.

For the Northeast Tacoma Community Cleanup Program, the City will bring dumpsters out Meeker Middle School. Neighbors within the 98422 whom live in a residential single-family or a duplex home are eligible to come by, drop off discarded items, metal, appliances, tires, other rubbish, electronics, and re-usables – all for free. Saves a trip to the transfer station and paying a fee!

The NE Tacoma Neighborhood Council (NETNC) encourages all of our neighbors to incorporate a Neighborhood Clean-Up Day as part of the Community event – Pledge some time for the betterment of the public spaces and bring the debris to Meeker. This is an opportunity to have neighbors helping neighbors!

Community Clean-Up Day – It’s All about the Volunteers!

This event only works if we can get a good team of volunteers to:
• Help unload participants’ vehicles
• Pick up stuff from older or infirm residents who need help getting their stuff there (there will likely be some coverage from Code Enforcement agents)
• Help check participants in (light duty)
• Manage food and water for the volunteers (light duty)
• Other tasks that may arise.

Last year, we didn’t do well getting some strong folks to help with the unloading and over-taxed those who did jump in to do the unloading. Please come for the few hours to help this great community event succeed that cleans up our wonderful neighborhood!

Re-usables: Goodwill will take the re-usables and certain electronics (TVs, computers, especially) for cleaning up and re-selling or responsible recycling. Bicycles will be taken in whatever condition to be cleaned up, rehabilitated, or parted out to repair other bikes by the Marine View Presbyterian’s Bikes for Kids volunteers.  They deliver working bikes to social services agencies around to distribute to needy kids. They’ll take unusable metal left over to metal dealers (like Calbag at the big curve on SR509) to gain income for parts.

This is the list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials from last year’s clean-up day postcard. A card will be sent to all eligible addresses a week or so before June 11th:

• Tires (limit of 10 per household – can be on rims)
• Scrap metal (for information on wood stoves visit
● Furniture and mattresses
• Anything not listed in Items We Can’t Take

● Items from businesses
● Car, motorcycle, camper, or boat parts
● Truck canopies, trailers, boats, or RV vehicles
● Daily household garbage (items that go in the kitchen garbage can)
● Animal carcasses
● Roofing/construction material (unused material could go to Habitat’s Store at 4824 S. Tacoma Way)
● Vegetation (always free drop-off at the landfill)
• Hazardous waste (always free drop-off at the landfill or at the August 12-16 drop-off at BP Elementary)
• Paint (if latex, please dry out with kitty litter and put in regular trash; if oil-based, please take to the landfill as hazardous waste or save for the August drop-off at Browns Point Elementary – you’ll get a card a week or so before the 4-day drop-off event)

In 2016, the City of Tacoma, in partnership with various neighborhood groups, hosted 17 cleanups and hauled away 556.31 tons of garbage!

If you are interested (or know someone that might be), send confirmation to Jim Philp at

From, NETNC and City of Tacoma

Welcome to Tacoma pylon coming to Northshore Parkway

Public Works is placing a pylon-shaped Welcome to Tacoma sign on Northshore Parkway as one enters from Federal Way. The contractor is hard at work fabricating the pylon, which will be like the one installed at the S 56th St. entrance to Tacoma from University Place. That one was installed in time for the U.S. Open last year. Three others are headed for East Side, South End, and South Tacoma.


UP line Welcome to Tacoma pylon

SR167 Connection to I-5 and SR509-Update


SR167 Connection to I-5 and SR509 Update:

In the early evening of March 1st, WSDOT held an open house at the Fife Community Center to review the planning so far for the eventual completion of SR167 to I-5 and SR509.  There could be a significant negative effect of this construction and eventual traffic on NE Tacomans treveling to and from downtown Tacoma.  You can learn more at:  There are maps of proposed alignment and configuration of the interchanges, especially at 54th Ave. E in Fife, I-5, and SR509.  Note the limited direction options at I-5 and SR509.

NETNC will have WSDOT representatives at the April 21st Community Meeting to discuss mitigations to the congestion that NE Tacomans experience traveling to and from downtown.  We’re especially interested in the intersections at Taylor Way and Alexander Ave., and between them on SR509 bound for downtown.

Work on Northshore Parkway

Tacoma Public Works has patched the pavement and implemented improved ramps at Fairwood Blvd./42nd Ave. NE on Northshore Parkway between Nassau Ave. NE and the city line at Federal Way. The curb on the north side was extended further out to shorten the distance for a pedestrian to walk across the street.

Still to come is a pedestrian-actuated crosswalk flashing beacon. Because of the limited sight lines, there will also be warning signs on each side of the crosswalk, alerting drivers that there is a crosswalk coming up. The delay in installing the beacon comes as the city finds a better pole mounting for the beacon to thwart theft that has occurred in other parts of town.

Longer-term, the City is applying for a grant to repave the street (grind and overlay) – this proper patching will keep the road’s base sound while the grant is being obtained.

This news came from Public Works.