Bylaws and Key References

The Bylaws at the link were last updated in May 2016, keeping them consistent with the City’s chartering language in the Municipal Code (Chapter 1.45, pages 285-8 – title01-administrationandpersonnel-chapter-1-45):  netnc-2016-bylaws-19may16.  This version was updated to simplify the concepts and bring them into consistency with the City’s Standards and Guidelines for Neighborhood Councils, which governs our relationship as an independent, contracted service provider to the City (neighborhood_councils_standards_and_guidelines).

The Board will consider adopting a set of supplementary Board Policies to provide more detail on the conduct of day-to-day affairs.

Effective April 14, 2016, the Neighborhood Council of Northeast Tacoma, was recognized as a Washington Nonprofit Corporation by the Secretary of State, UBI 602-612-867, under these articles of incorporation:  NC-NET Articles of Incorporation scan of WA SoS docs.   We are registered at the IRS as operating as a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt Social Welfare Organization under EIS 81-2672408.

If you are interested in the Washington State governing law, see:, and